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Course Path Changes

In preparation for the Waveny Warmup tournament on April 22, when 72 players will be on the Course at the same time, the following small changes are being made to some of the paths on the Course so that players moving to a tee or basket of a hole will not have to cross onto other holes and potentially interfere with play on those holes:

  • A new path has been created so that players from the tees of Hole 10 can get to Hole 10's basket without crossing over onto the fairway of Hole 11 and using the bridge. As shown in the photo, the new path follows the stone wall down from the Hole 10 white tee, goes around the right side of the swampy area after the stone wall, threw the gap in the large fallen trunk between the swamp and the stream, and crosses the stream at its narrowest part.

  • A new path has been created so that players can go from the Hole 11 basket to the blue tee of Hole 12 without crossing over the stone way onto Hole 9. The new path stays on the right side of the wall, above the Hole 12 white tee.

  • The gaps in the stone wall separating Hole 9 from Hole 11 and Hole 12 have been closed, both to discourage players from crossing over onto Hole 9 in order to go from the Hole 11 basket to the Hole 12 blue tee and also to prevent discs thrown on Hole 9 from sliding through those gaps onto Hole 11 or Hole 12.

  • A new path is in the process of being created so that players can get from the Hole 17 basket to the Hole 18 tees without having to go on the Hole 8 fairway and without crossing the Hole 7 fairway. Instead of crossing through the stone wall onto the Hole 8 fairway, the new path will continue along the right side of the stone wall and cross between the primary Hole 7 basket and the little-used far basket on Hole 7.


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