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Hole 6

Blue Tee
Par: 3
Dist: 273 feet
Elev: -9 feet
White Tee
Par: 3
Dist: 228 feet
Elev: -6 feet
Red Tee
Par: 3
Dist: 135 feet
Elev: +3 feet

Description: Hole 6 is a medium-length dogleg left. The hole starts downhill, goes over a gully, and then bends left and goes slightly uphill. The area off the fairway to the right drops sharply down to the railroad right-of-way to form a natural hazard. Toward the basket, the right side of the fairway is dotted with a good number of small trees, which can make approach shots from that area difficult. The basket is on the left side, on the edge of a shallow gully that will catch any shots that go even slightly long.

History: Hole 6 is one of the original Course holes created in 2007. In 2022, a bridge was added over the gully and a significant amount of brush was removed from the inside of the elbow.

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