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Hole 2

Blue Tee
Par: 4
Dist: 402 feet
Elev: +30 feet
White Tee
Par: 4
Dist: 321 feet
Elev: +21 feet
Red Tee
Par: 4
Dist: 240 feet
Elev: +18 feet

Hole 2 is a long dogleg left that is somewhat uphill and very wooded. The hole starts with a short, steep uphill and doglegs left about midway to the basket. After the dogleg, the middle of the fairway has the most open path to the basket. The basket is on a moderately steep uphill, which permits aggressive approach shots. From the White Tee, the initial short, steep uphill is avoided; from the Red Tee, the hole is straight, with no dogleg.

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