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Hole 2

Blue Tee
Par: 4
Dist: 402 feet
Elev: +30 feet
EDst: 492 feet*
White Tee
Par: 4
Dist: 321 feet
Elev: +21 feet
EDst: 384 feet*
*Per PDGA guidelines, Effective Distance = Dist + (3 x Elev)

Hole 2 is a dogleg left that is somewhat uphill and well wooded. From the Blue Tee, the hole starts with a short, steep uphill, which requires throwing through a 10-foot gap about 20 yards from the tee. The White Tee is at the top of the uphill, just after the gap. The fairway bends left at about 205' from the Blue Tee (about 125' from the White Tee). After the dogleg, the middle of the fairway has the most open path to the basket. The basket is on a moderately steep uphill, which permits aggressive approach shots.

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