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Schematic Map

Waveny Disc Golf Map.jpeg

Topo Map*

Waveny Topo with DG Course-With New 11-19-Apr-2024.jpg

* The underlying topographical map is a 1989 survey of this section of Waveny Park. Some natural and man-made features have changed in the intervening 30 years. On the underlying topo map: (1) Each topo line indicates a 2' change in elevation. (2) Stone walls are indicated solid, thin, straight lines (and are generally labelled). (3) Wetlands are indicated by areas enclosed by thick, chalky lines. (4) Streams are indicated by two solid lines (streams within wetlands are not marked). (5) Trails (supposedly formerly used for horseback riding) are indicated by dashed lines. (6) Areas of vegetation are enclosed by wavy/scalloped lines.

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