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Hole 13

Blue Tee
Par: 3
Dist: 264 feet
Elev: +0 feet
EDst: 264 feet*
White Tee
Par: 3
Dist: 237 feet
Elev: +3 feet
EDst: 246 feet*
*Per PDGA guidelines, Effective Distance = Dist + (3 x Elev)

Hole 13 is a fairly straight hole, with little elevation difference between tee and basket. From the Blue Tee, you need to throw over a gully through a 5-yard gap in the trees to a relatively open fairway that is about the same elevation as the tee. From the White Tee, you need to throw slightly uphill to the fairway on the other side of the gully. The basket is unprotected and on flat ground.

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