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Hole 1

Blue Tee
Par: 3
Dist: 315 feet
Elev: -42 feet
White Tee
Par: 3
Dist: 252 feet
Elev: -36 feet
Red Tee
Par: 3
Dist: 159 feet
Elev: -21 feet

Description: Hole 1 is straight and downhill. The hole starts open, but a number of large trees dot the fairway starting about 1/2 of the way down. Throw too high and the canopy of the trees comes into play. The basket is in the center of the fairway, at the bottom of the hill.

History: Hole 1 is one of the original holes from 2007. Since its creation, the hole has opened up substantially with dead trees falling or cut down and the fairway widened by removal of bushes and brambles.

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