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Hole 5

Blue Tee
Par: 3
Dist: 297 feet
Elev: -21 feet
EDst: 234 feet*
White Tee
Par: 3
Dist: 237 feet
Elev: -15 feet
EDst: 192 feet*
*Per PDGA guidelines, Effective Distance = Dist + (3 x Elev)

Hole 5 is straight, fairly open, and slightly downhill. From the Blue Tee, on your drive, you want to hit a 5-yard-wide gap about 20 yards from the tee. From either tee, you want your drive to go either right or left of a big tree 2/3ds of the way down the fairway. The hole drops off sharply by the basket, making both the approach shot and putt challenging.

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