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Hole 8

Blue Tee
Par: 4
Dist: 429 feet
Elev: +0 feet
EDst: 429 feet*
White Tee
Par: 4
Dist: 340 feet
Elev: +0 feet
EDst: 340 feet*
*Per PDGA guidelines, Effective Distance = Dist + (3 x Elev)

Hole 8 is a long, flat, straight hole. From the Blue Tee, the hole starts with a drive over a stone wall and through a 4-yard wide corridor about 20 yards from the tee. After the gap (or starting from the White Tee), the fairway is wide open until about halfway to the basket. Starting midway to the basket, the fairway is well wooded. The basket is in the center of the end of the fairway, with a slight downward slope both beyond and to the right which can result in roll-aways.

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