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Hole 18

Blue Tee
Par: 3
Dist:  330 feet
Elev: +9 feet
EDst: 357 feet*
White Tee
Par: 3
Dist: 264 feet
Elev: +9 feet
EDst: 291 feet*
*Per PDGA guidelines, Effective Distance = Dist + (3 x Elev)

Hole 18 is a fairly flat until a steep uphill at the basket. From the Blue Tee, the hole is a dogleg left. The intended line from the Blue Tee is slightly dogleg left about 150 feet from the tee and through a corridor to the basket; from the White Tee the intended line is a straight lane from the tee through that corridor to the basket. Alternative lanes to the right of the intended corridor line are, however, possible. In wetter months, there is a swamp approximately 75 feet from the basket. From the swampy area, the land rises steeply to and beyond the basket.

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