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What is the terrain of the Course like?

The Course is on wooded land that slopes away from Lapham Road toward Route 106 and the New Canaan line of the Metro-North Railroad. Most of the fairways are at least somewhat open, but many of the holes require hitting an early gap. About half the holes have a significant uphill or downhill component and four holes cross stream gullies. During the wetter months, several small streams run through the Course and parts of the Course can be quite muddy/swampy. Wooden walkways and bridges have been installed to facilitate passage over the swampiest areas and biggest stream gully.

What are the tees like?

The tees are "natural" aka dirt. 

Do holes have multiple tees or baskets?

Each hole has separate Blue and White Tees, which are indicated by stakes by the tees with a Blue or White paint on them. The Blue Tees are longer, more challenging than the White Tees. Some holes also have separate Red Tees, which are shorter and easier than the White Tees. Each hole has only one basket, except Hole 7, which has two baskets: a closer basket and a more distant, more challenging basket.

What kind of baskets does the Course have?

Discraft Chainstar.

Are there tee times or reservations?

No. Just show up and play.

Does the Course have discs available to use/rent?

No. You need to bring your own discs.

Where can I park? Is parking free?

You can park for free in the parking lot across the street from the entrance to the Course,  between the Steve Benko Pool and the Waveny Park paddle tennis courts. If you drive in the Steve Benko Pool entrace from Lapham Road, the parking lot is on our right.

Are dogs allowed on the Course?

Dogs are allowed, but per Town of New Canaan ordinances, they must be leashed at all times.

Is there a practice basket?

Yes, there is a practice basket by the top of the first hole.

Anything I should wear or bring to the Course?

Since there is a very high probability that you will need to go foraging for your disc in rough with pricker bushes or poison ivy sometime during your round, wearing long pants with socks is highly recommended, even in the summer. The Course is not particularly buggy, but you may want to put on/bring insect repellent in the spring and summer. In wetter months or after a heavy rain, parts of the Course are often muddy/swampy, so choose footwear accordingly.

Where is the nearest public restroom?

There is a public restroom in the stone house behind the Waveny Park paddle tennis courts, which are to your right when you drive through the Steve Benko Pool entrance from Lapham Road. Google Maps directions from the Waveny Course to the public restroom in the house by the paddle tennis courts. There is also a public restroom in the tan stone building by the lighted softball fields at the top of the hill in Waveny Park. To reach that restroom, drive through the Steve Benko Pool entrance from Lapham Road, continue straight until you hit the road by the large wide open field with baseball fields on it, turn right and driving counter-clockwise until you get to the entrance to a parking lot on your left, and then drive to the building at the end of the parking lot. Google Maps directions from the Waveny Course to the public restroom in the tan stone house by the lighted softball fields.

What are the Red Tees for? Is there a Red Tee course?

The Red Tees found on several holes were the easiest/shortest tee locations on the former 12-hole layout. New Red Tees are expected to be installed on every hole in the spring of 2023 to provide a novice/pitch-and-putt length course.

I found a disc. What do I do with it?

If you find a disc that doesn't belong to you, drop it off in the disc drop box at the top of the first hole. If there is a phone number of the disc, we will try to contact that number so they can pick it up. If not, we will hold the disc for a period of time to give the owner a chance to contact us and pick up their disc.

I lost a disc. Is there someone to contact to get it back in case it gets found?

There is a locked box at the top of the first hole for people to drop discs in that they find on the Course. We empty the box periodically. If your disc has your cell phone number on it, we will text you to let you know we have your disc and provide info on how you can pick it up. If your disc does not have your cell phone number on it, you can text Tony at 203-604-4228 with a description of the disc and we will text you back if and when we find it in the drop box.

Who owns the land that the Course is on?

The Waveny Disc Golf Course is on land that is part of Waveny Park, which is owned by the Town of New Canaan and governed by the New Canaan Parks Department.

When was the Course built? Who designed it?

The Course was opened in 2007, making it the seventh oldest course in Connecticut. The original 12-hole layout was designed by Tim Smith (PDGA #17392) and Adam Goodman (PDGA #20004). The Course was reconfigured and expanded to 18 holes in 2020. In 2022, separate White Tees were added to each hole and several of the holes (most notably, Hole 2 and Hole 5) were reconfigured.

Who manages and maintains the Course?

The Course is jointly managed and maintained by the Friends of Waveny Disc Golf and the New Canaan Parks Department.

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