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Updated Standardized Average Hole Scores Posted

Updated UDisc standardized hole scores for the Course as of 29 Feb 2024 have been posted on the Hole Scores page under the Stats menu. The standardized average hole scores are calculated by UDisc using actual hole scores recorded on UDisc and adjusting them for the skill level of the players who recorded them. They represent the predicted average scores for the holes if they were played by a 1,000 UDisc players randomly selected but weighted by how often they play. As of 29 Feb 2024, the four hardest holes (relative to par) from the Blue Tees are Hole 18 (+.62), Hole 12 (+.60), Hole 5 (+.53) and Hole 10 (+.50), while the four easiest holes (relative to par) from the Blue Tees are Hole 7 (+.10), Hole 16 (+.16), Hole 9 (+.17) and Hole 4 (+.18).

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