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Trench Warfare

During Dec 18-20:

  • The end of the drainage trench on Hole 7 was extended down and across the path between Hole 6 and Hole 7 to divert water from the path up to the Hole 7 tees.

  • Short drainage trenches were also dug in front of the Blue and White Tees on Hole 7 to divert water from those tees.

  • To improve the drainage on the Blue Tee of Hole 8, the tee was regraded and surrounded on three sides with drainage trenches (see photo).

  • Drainage trenches were dug across the path between the Blue and White Tees on Hole 8 and the path between Hole 17 and Hole 18 to prevent water from pooling on those paths.

  • To allow for dry passage directly between the Hole 10 basket and the Hole 11 Blue Tee, a drainage trench was dug to drain the small swamp in that area and stepping stones were placed to facilitate walking over any remaining swampiness.

  • Drainage trenches were dug on two sides of the Hole 11 Blue Tee to divert water from the tee.

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