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February Course Usage Stats

The Stats page for Course Usage has been updated to reflect the number of UDisc rounds recorded, and the number of unique players recording rounds, in February 2024. The number of rounds recorded in February ((74) was virtually the same as in January (73), which was only about 61% of that recorded in February 2023 (121), due no doubt to the snowy and wet weather last month compared to the unusually benign conditions in February 2023. On a positive note, the number of unique players recording rounds on the Course in February 2024 was the most ever recorded in a February (49), and was up 14% from the number of unique players in January (43) and up 29% from the number of unique players in February 2023 (39). During February, 54% of the recorded rounds were played on Blue Layout, 37% were played on the White Layout, and 9% were played on the Red Layout.

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