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2022 in Review - Course Improvements

During 2022, the following improvements were made to the Course:

  • A bridge was installed over the stream by Holes 10 and 11

  • 2 additional wooden walkways were added over the swamp at the start of Hole 9

  • 5 additional wooden walkways were added to the path from Hole 16 to Hole 17

  • The blue tee for Hole 14 was move slightly and rebuilt

  • The white tee for Hole 1 was moved slightly and rebuilt

  • Separate white tees were built for Holes 6, 13 and 15

  • Hole 2 was redesigned and re-routed

  • Hole 5 was redesigned and re-routed

  • The former combined blue/white tees for Holes 3 and 4 were replaced with separate blue and white tees

  • A separate blue tee was created for Hole 17

  • The start of the path from Hole 17 to Hole 18 was moved to higher ground closer to the stone wall

  • Drainage trenches were dug by the Hole 3 blue tee, the Hole 5 white tee, both Hole 6 tees, both Hole 7 tees, the fairway of Hole 7, the Hole 8 blue tee, the swamp between the Hole 10 basket and Hole 11 blue tee, the Hole 11 blue tee, and the path from Hole 17 to Hole 18

  • The white tee of Hole 8 was moved slightly to drier ground


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