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Course Work Guidelines

Work to do without prior approval
  • Raking leaves from tee pads (Fall) - Please do not use a leaf blower or remove leaves from the fairways or around the baskets.
  • Cutting down overgrown weeds on the Course (Summer) - Suggested tools: weed cutter or grass whip. The holes that tend to need this most are: Hole 1 toward the bottom of the hills, Hole 7, the first part of the fairway of Hole 8, Hole 12, Hole 14, Hole 16 and first part of the fairway of Hole 18. the Please do not cut down the ferns on the fairway of Hole 18.
  • Removing fallen branches from the Course (All Year)
  • Removing small stumps from the Course (All Year) - Suggested tools: axe and/or pickaxe.
  • Removing roots and rocks from tee pads (All Year) - Suggested tools: axe and/or pickaxe. Please be sure to fill in the holes created by their removal.
  • Picking up garbage from the Course (All Year) - Bring a plastic bag with you when you play or just walk the Course and pick up. There are dumpsters up near the paddle tennis courts that you can dump the collected garbage in.
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