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Waveny Gleanings form UDisc Growth Report

UDisc has just released its 2024 Disc Golf Growth Report. Among the most interesting features of the report is an interactive map at the end of the report that shows the location of every disc golf course in the world. If you zoom in and put your cursor over a particular course, you can see the number of UDisc rounds recorded for that course in each of the past five years. Based on these stats, Waveny was the CT course with the greatest percentage increase in number of plays in 2023 from 2022 among courses that had more than 1,000 plays in 2022 (+116%). The CT course with the next greatest percentage increase was Panthorn (+65%). For top 10 lists of CT courses with the most plays, the greatest increases in number of plays, the greatest percentage increases in number of plays, the greatest decreases in number of plays and the greatest percentage decreases in number of plays, see this post of the CT Disc Golf Facebook page.

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